Full Mouth Reconstruction - Quincy, MA

Reconstruct a Healthy, Attractive Smile with Comprehensive Treatment

I have a lot of patients that they complain about their dentures not fitting anymore or since day one they hated the experience, but they didn’t have any options before. Fortunately for them now we have dental implants and nowadays the standard of care is to add implants under those dentures so that it will stabilize them.

-Dr. Addas

  • Missing Teeth – replace single, multiple or entire upper and lower arches of missing teeth
  • Broken or Worn Teeth – restore broken or worn teeth to their former glory
  • Chipped or Cracked Teeth – repair chipped teeth, and cover and protect cracked teeth from further damage
  • Tooth Decay or Oral Infection – overcome extensive tooth decay or abscessed teeth and gums
  • Misshapen or Misaligned Teeth – correct misshapen, crooked or misaligned teeth to improve appearance and biting function
  • Tooth Stain or Discoloration – trade yellow, stained or discolored teeth for a beautiful white smile

Our Comprehensive Full Mouth Reconstructions Procedures

Full mouth reconstruction begins with a personalized consultation with our friendly team. Our doctors listen to your concerns and discuss your personal goals for your dental health and smile. Using advanced diagnostic imaging and thorough clinical evaluation, we assess your health needs and determine the full mouth reconstruction procedures best-suited to deliver the life-changing results you want for your health and appearance. Full mouth reconstruction may include one or more of the following procedures:

Achieve the confident, healthy and attractive smile you deserve with full mouth reconstruction.