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Find Relief from TMJ Pain with Non-Surgical Care

Occlusal Appliance Therapy Can Preserve Your Oral Health

During your TMJ consultation, our doctors will discuss your symptoms and evaluate your jaw joint health through clinical assessment and advanced digital imaging. This helps us gain a better understanding of the condition of your joints and any impact TMJ problems may be having on your oral health. Because many cases of TMJ disorders are the result of habitual teeth grinding, the most common form of TMJ treatment is oral occlusal therapy. This non-surgical approach to TMJ care involves the creation of a customized removable nightguard or similar appliance designed to correct your specific biting issues. Nightguards are worn at night (or when teeth grinding occurs) and fit comfortably over the upper or lower arch. This helps preserve teeth and other oral structures from the effects of grinding and keeps the jaw joints in a neutral, comfortable position.

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Ease jaw pain and improve TMJ health with effective non-surgical treatment.